Underwater Hull Cleaning           Starting at  $8.25 per ft.

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Our hull cleaning service gives you better fuel efficiency, higher speeds, and a longer life for your boat. Marine growth builds up on the boat hull creates drag during acceleration, inhibiting the boat performance and increasing fuel consumption. In order to provide the best care for your boat, we always employs the least aggressive method possible. We clean using a number of tools that are specially chosen to match your boat needs. Our experienced divers use sponges, brushes, and scrubbers carefully to prevent the removal of anti-fouling paint from the boat hull, while still effectively eliminating marine growth. As a result, you can enjoy boating with a smooth hull and parts, while getting the most out of your anti-fouling coat


Underwater hull cleaning is a convenient and cost effective method of maintaining the underside of your vessel between slipping. In most cases all marine growth can be removed from a vessel’s hull, propeller and underwater running gear to return her to peak performance.



Suit up/inspection $95

Includes Digital images "Before and After"

of hull, props and zincs.

About Us

Throughout the years we had invested in the development of underwater hull cleaning techniques and equipment We offer a service that can give ships back their efficiency without the need for drydocking. This service is offered in Vancouver Island We are experienced, highly qualified, with excellent references and a broad range of project training.

It's our policy not to carry out underwater cleaning activities which result in an increase of pollution by spreading large amounts of toxic materials used in many underwater hull coatings. Contact us for further information.

Other Services

Anode Replacement 

We can also replace most standard configuration anodes in the water, however special anodes made for sail drive and stern drive units have to be replaced when she is on the hard.

Salvage, Search and Recovery 

In the event of a sinking, whether a boat, car or personal item, we Can perform search and recovery service to help you regain important articles. Your vessel can be located and salvaged with the help of our expert divers and equipment.

For Sale Preparation

If you are thinking of selling your boat, then this service is essential. We will personally make an assessment of your boat and tell you what we think needs to be done for your boat to look great on the pontoon or on the hard for potential buyers.

Machine Buffing and Polishing
Machine Buffing and Polishing is an important part of maintaining the Gel Coat on any Marine Vessel. As you can understand the harsh environments that are present all day every day for marine vessels cause deterioration and degradation to any surface exposed. offers an advanced machine buffing and polishing service that can restore your degraded Gel Coat & similar to pristine condition. And keep it there!

We recommend a regular polishing/washing maintenance plan with our advanced cleaning team. Scrubmarine is committed to do it’s best to keep the harsh environment at bay from damaging and fouling your vessel. We are more than happy to point you in the right direction on what products to use and even how to use them to help keep your vessel looking like new and extend its life expectancy.



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Underwater Hull Clean Service

  • Green slime and barnacles are removed from the waterline taking care of your boot line.
  • Hull & keel surface are cleaned with a sponge.
  • Propellers are given a very gentle rub down.
  • Metal surfaces such as propellers, trim tabs, bow thrusters, often accumulate shell growth. These areas are scraped carefully until all the growth is removed.
  • Hull openings such as water intakes & sink outlets are scraped clean of internal build up.
  • Extremely dirty boats may not be able to be cleaned 100% whilst in the water, in this case we will clean the rudder, keel surfaces, propellers & intakes.
  • We will also report back to you on the condition of your zincs.


"We use for all of our requirements as they provide a quality service that represents excellent value. They are flexible to our needs, and as a huge bonus our customers love them too"

Thank you, your company has an integrity that is very rare these days. I can tell you that you will have my loyalty for as long as I own a boat. Brian O"

"Thanks for the incredible customer service you and have already provided me with. I really appreciate all extra effort you have provided by getting the boat not only cleaned, but also inspected and taken care of, (protected) with the Zincs. I am looking forward to doing business with you, and will most definitely recommend Scrubmarine to my neighbors in the harbor"

" was very helpful and was able to meet the needs of the special paint manufacturer. Thanks for always being there and giving great service"

"Scrubmarine is the diver service we call to keep our Gitana 32ft, "McGregor" clean and smooth sailing. He does a superb job and keeps us informed about the shape of the bottom paint and any problems he finds. I can always count on Pablo from Scrubmarine to get us ready to go"



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